Write and wipe fact family boards

Therefore will not we fear……. As students are pushed to go deeper in their thinking, they need a strong foundation. For example to solvehelp students instead think ofas students are more able to recall multiplication facts than division facts. Do we need to write on them? May God grant you strength to cope with your irreparable loss.

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I used to cut, laminate, cut every time. The Small Group section is intended for students who may benefit from additional practice.

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He is a ruthless, domineering, cold-hearted old man.The 30 plastic boards feature bar models, number bonds and fact family triangles—so students can practice making 10, operations and more!

Boards measure 9" x 12". Write & wipe.

Write And Wipe Fact Family Board

The weather’s turning warmer so the kids and I have had summer on the brain. I was eager to give our math fact practice a playful, ocean-themed twist.

These printable write and wipe addition cards are a perfect addition to any kindergarten or first grade ocean unit. Use these write and wipe dry-erase, math-fact triangles again and again to offer students a powerful method for building number fact fluency and teaching fact families.


Familiar triangle format reinforces fact families and number fact fluency. This set of 5, double-sided, write & wipe boards, focus on addition and subtraction. My students need lap sized dry erase boards, a larger dry erase board for small group work, as well as dry erase erasers.

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My students are full of energy, excitement, are eager to learn. Being 6 and 7 years old, instruction needs to keep them engaged and as hands-on as possible.

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Watching them learn. write wipe fact family boards details rainbow. multiplication fact families worksheet free groundhog. fact family worksheets.

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Write and wipe fact family boards
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